SolarWinds Observability

A SaaS offering built to extend visibility across the cloud-native, on-prem, and hybrid technology stack, enabling DevOps, IT ops, and Cloud Ops teams to spend more time developing new modern applications and infrastructures, fuel innovation while continuing to meet SLAs, and exceed customer expectations in legacy on-prem and hybrid IT via a single, unified offering.

Starts at $5.00

Complete observability built on decades of experience helping IT professionals

SolarWinds Observability delivers unified and comprehensive visibility for cloud-native, on-premises, and hybrid custom and commercial applications to help ensure optimal service levels and user satisfaction with key business services.

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Eliminate Tool Sprawl and gain comprehensive, single-pane-of-glass visibility with actionable intelligence

Accelerate issue resolution with built-in intelligence and actionable insights driven by data from across the environment

Reduce alert fatigue with AIOps, machine learning (ML), and a customized metrics -powered solution designed to automatically prioritize and surface real problems

Accelerate cloud modernization with cloud-native, multi-tenant observability that seamlessly integrates with SolarWinds Hybrid Cloud Observability to deliver a unified view across multi-cloud, hybrid, and on-premises environments

Built-in intelligence
AIOps, enhanced with a powerful machine learning engine that helps surface real problems fast and accurately.
Comprehensive visibility
Unified data from across the environment with service relationship views, dependency maps, and multi-level drill-downs.
Easy to use
Quick to install, auto-instrumented, and easy to expand with support for open-source technologies.
Maximum flexibility
A unified platform with modular options designed to scale seamlessly as your needs grow.
Cloud-native, on-premises, and hybrid
A unified solution for powerful application, network, infrastructure, and technology monitoring across on-prem and cloud.
Option for self-hosted, on-premises monitoring

Prefer to monitor your on-prem network, infrastructure, and cloud services from inside your firewall? Try Hybrid Cloud Observability.

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Designed for Maximum Flexibility

SolarWinds Observability is designed to provide customers with maximum flexibility and choice. It’s a unified platform offering with discrete capabilities so you can scale seamlessly as your needs grow.

Application Observability

Starts at:


Per application instance*

Real-time application metrics, distributed tracing, & code profiling
Network and Infrastructure Observability

Starts at:


Per active network device or host*

Network devices and hosts (1:1), cloud services (3:1), containers (10:1)
Log Observability

Starts at:


Per GB per month*

Scalable, full stack, multi-source log management
Database Observability

Starts at:


Per database instance*

Deep database performance analysis with root cause diagnostics
Digital Experience Observability - Synthetic

Starts at:


Per 10 uptime checks*

Synthetic Monitoring - Availability and performance insights
Digital Experience Observability - Real User Monitoring

Starts at:


Per 100,000 page views*

Real user monitoring – gain insights into how actual users experience your websites

*USD per month, billed annually

SolarWinds Observability built for DevOps, IT ops, and Cloud Ops teams

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