Observability for application performance monitoring

Spend more time innovating and less time troubleshooting modern, cloud-native custom applications.

Application performance monitoring

SolarWinds® Observability delivers application performance insights, operational intelligence, and smart automation to help identify and resolve performance issues and optimize user experience.

Observability for application performance monitoring

Simplified management

Focus on innovation and feature delivery with simplified management of complex modern applications.

Unified data

Deliver intelligent insights and increase productivity with unified data from logs, metrics, traces, database queries, and the user experience.

Expedited problem identification

Proactively manage complex and distributed environments with a highly correlated single source of truth.

Advanced artificial intelligence/machine learning-driven analytics

Evaluate complex performance metrics in real time and surface emerging conditions to enable proactive performance management.

Faster delivery, higher quality, and happier users

Connect and contextualize

Aggregate disparate data types supporting modern custom web applications to help troubleshoot application issues faster and optimize application performance and user experience.

Logical entity groupings

Deliver context-rich intelligence across cloud resources, including hosts, databases, containers, and serverless environments.

Cloud-native solution

Achieve easy deployments and immediate value from complex multi-cloud environments with support for open-source frameworks and third-party integration.

Powerful troubleshooting

Identify performance bottlenecks and pinpoint the cause of performance issues through distributed waterfall traces, exception tracking, and live code profiling.

Communications service provider saves millions

This customer saved more than $2 million in recurring annual costs after replacing several monitoring tools with SolarWinds Hybrid Cloud Observability.

Experience yields insights. Here's some of what we've learned.

IT Trends Report 2023: Lessons From Observability Leaders

This report examines how the observability adoption process is going and how enterprises can maximize the advantages of their observability solutions.

Enterprise cloud operations team gains 5x ROI over three years

The popular retailer achieved these savings by retiring an array of open-source tools and problematic SaaS-based IT monitoring tools.

SolarWinds is a trusted leader, year after year

SolarWinds Recognized in GigaOm Radar Reports as a Leader in Network and Cloud Observability.

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