Observability Solutions for Kubernetes

Collect, connect, and contextualize disparate Kubernetes data types to deliver actionable insights.

“I can get with developers, go in and click on a node, and scan quickly to see what the anomalies are. The whole idea is to prevent outages by finding issues before they become issues.”
Matt Mayer- IT Operations Senior Analyst

Observability Solutions for Kubernetes

Kubernetes container management and orchestration can put a strain on DevOps teams.Observability is key to effectively manage and optimize highly distributed and ephemeral Kubernetes deployments.

Visibility across Kubernetes clusters and applications 

Holistic visibility increases control

Holistic visibility across the technology landscape enables insights into the interdependencies among applications and their underlying components, helping to gain control of application or service performance.

Proactive performance management

Advanced artificial intelligence (AI)/machine learning (ML)-driven analytics handle large volumes of performance metrics in time real-time, help surface issues, enabling proactive performance management.

Context-rich intelligence

Logical entity groupings across cloud resources—including nodes, clusters, hosts, databases, containers, and serverless environments—to deliver context-rich intelligence.

Maximum coverage with minimal upkeep

Unified agent management and automated agent updates; support for native, open-source (OpenTelemetry) standards; and agentless monitoring helps eliminate most maintenance.

A single sharable view enables collaboration

Collaborate and communicate across teams

Having a single user interface provides a common view of the environment, helps eliminate communication challenges, and enables better team collaboration.

Connect system performance to business outcomes

Logical entity groupings combine data from multiple sources for simpler performance monitoring and tracking, linking system performance to business outcomes.

Drive innovation and feature delivery

A trusted single source of truth simplifies managing large Kubernetes deployments and distributed modern applications so teams can focus on innovation and feature delivery.

Reduce repetition and work smarter

Shared alert creation and management—along with unified alert notifications—reduce repetition and alert fatigue and enable easy alert integrations into existing workflows.

Ensure the reliability of business-critical systems

Information at a glance

Along with customizable dashboards, health scores based on golden metrics and, anomalies detected, highlight hot spots and make it easy to drill down into the underlying data.

Pinpoint the cause of performance bottlenecks

Powerful troubleshooting capabilities such as distributed tracing, exception tracking, and live code profiling, help you identify application performance bottlenecks and pinpoint the root cause.

Filter noise to focus on real issues

Actionable intelligence powered by AI ops and enhanced with ML filters the noise and prioritizes real problems so you can increase focus on urgent issues.

Identify issues intelligently

AI ops-powered performance insights quickly identify common Kubernetes problems, such as crash loops, failed image pulls, out-of-memory (OOM) errors, and CPU throttling.

Observability solutions

SolarWinds solves performance challenges and delivers insights, operational intelligence, and smart automation to solve complex business problems.

Digital Experience Observability

Optimize digital experience and experience your application the way a user does with real-time site performance data coupled with AI-powered analytics.

Observability for Application Performance Monitoring

Spend more time innovating and less time troubleshooting modern cloud-native applications with application performance insights, operational intelligence, and smart automation.

Observability for Log Management

Scalable, multi-source log management combines with powerful search and analytics to deliver context-rich intelligence and help you predict, pinpoint, and prioritize issues.

Hybrid Cloud Observability

Optimize performance, reduce remediation time, and help ensure availability across on-premises and multi-cloud environments with a full-stack observability solution.

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