Solving technology needs for K-12 and higher education

We can support your evolving online learning requirements with IT education solutions designed to help your students, staff, and faculty.

Online education requires the right IT solutions

Transitioning from a classroom environment to online or virtual education isn’t an easy task.The change requires a shift in organizational resources, a reassessment of IT infrastructure, and much more.

Let us help manage your online learning environment

Visibility into your network infrastructure

The unwavering performance of your organization’s infrastructure is critical, and the need to constantly monitor performance and availability is nonnegotiable.

Spikes and trends help uncover root causes

Gain the ability to quickly troubleshoot issues caused by the increased system load due to the requirements of online learning environments.

More stakeholders than ever

Increased usage in virtual classrooms can create new challenges requiring a different approach to flow management.

Monitor all data in one place

Data received from different inputs makes it challenging to draw visual correlations capable of helping you solve problems faster.

Detect threats and demonstrate compliance

A SIEM solution made simple

Lightweight, ready-to-use, and affordable security information and event management (SIEM) solutions for your virtual classrooms help you improve your security posture and quickly demonstrate compliance.

Proactively hunt and stop threats

Preconfigured, customizable actions for incident response can save you time and keep you protected.

Monitor application performance

Proactively address website speed

Constantly monitor web-based applications and website responsiveness from the view of your end users.

Provide an optimal virtual classroom experience

Find out exactly where web app bottlenecks come from and identify whether the problem is due to issues in a specific location.

Help Desk software helps K-12 and higher education handle IT challenges

Higher education institution St. Mary’s relies on the SolarWinds® Web Help Desk® ticketing and asset management software to provide better service to its users.

Experience yields insights. Here's some of what we've learned.

Communications service provider saves millions

This customer saved more than $2 million in recurring annual costs after replacing several disparate monitoring tools with Hybrid Cloud Observability.

Enterprise cloud operations team gains 5x ROI over three years

The popular retailer achieved these savings by retiring an array of open-source tools and problematic SaaS-based IT monitoring tools.

SolarWinds is a trusted leader, year after year

SolarWinds Recognized in GigaOm Radar Reports as a Leader in Network and Cloud Observability.

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