Nowadays, gambling can be a good entertainment if one main aspect is taken into account: visit only licensed online casinos.

Such online casinos are now found in large numbers in Canada. A great variety of slot machines and slots just dazzle. You can play both for free and for money.

  The choice of such a playground guarantees safety and stability of payouts in case of winnings. 

Players can enjoy games anytime, anywhere, even from a mobile device.

And it doesn’t matter at all whether you are a beginner in gambling or a professional, in a casino there is the same attitude towards each and everyone.

Undoubtedly, you are the only one in the whole wide world, but there is something special in you that characterizes you in your behavior. It is by your behavior and attitude to activity that you can determine what type of person you belong to. So in a game of chance, behavior develops over time.


Gambling is as diverse as we are people who are passionate about it.

There is such a concept in personality psychology as a motivational sphere of activity. In gambling, gambler’s behavior is also determined by motivation, in other words, why you came to the gambling establishment, what was the real reason for this hobby.

Motivation is a stimulation for actions.

Professional and life skills are superimposed on motivation, a character, which depends on numerous instincts and temperaments. Summing up these indicators, a certain type of player is formed.

We propose you to consider this topic, and maybe you will recognize yourself in one of the types.


From the point of view of psychology of player behavior, specialists have identified six main psychotypes:

Intuition for this type of a player is in last place. The key to success is calculating the chance of winning and keeping statistics of a game.

A representative of this type can calculate everything, even the risks in a game. Always incredibly patient, with a high level of self-control and composure. 

Most professional gamblers are not noticed in gambling addiction, presumably, for the reason that gambling is the main source of income for them.

The serious player also has the most serious intentions in choosing the type of entertainment. They choose gambling seriously and for a long time. A long stay at an online casino does not make them addicted to gambling. For them, the personal interests and interests of their families always a priority.

Translated from English, the word casual, in relation to our theme of gambling, the game is a means of pleasure that does not take much time without mandatory presence of playing skills.

The casual is simply passionate about a game, a player is just having fun and enjoys the very process.

It is typical for such players to set a money limit for bets and time for a game.

The lack of a system in a game and irregularity of visiting online casinos also fits into the picture of the personality of casual.

Unpleasant events happen in the life of each of us, which we experience in different ways. Someone goes headlong into music or another form of art, some just run away from problems. Still others come to casinos to experience emotions and feelings in gambling.

If turning to this type of entertainment has already helped them once, we will assume that for them it has become a kind of psychotherapeutic tool, which is already not bad.

It should also be noted that negative emotional experiences often prevent such a player from focusing on a game, so they tend to lose often.

But there are those, who are able to get so distracted from life’s problems that gambling becomes better for them than any therapy, play with pleasure and quickly get out of their stupor.

For a conservative player, the dominant motive for visiting an online casino is the desire to acquire experience and skills in a game. Money interest fades into the background.

As a rule, they prefer games with low bets and risks. Only one type of gambling is played consistently. They can only play on one slot for a long time. They firmly determine the limit of money for a game, from which it is not in their rules to deviate.

This type of players is completely devoid of control in a game. Any failure and defeat is accompanied by uncontrolled, impulsive behavior.

Gambling for them becomes the meaning of their whole life. They completely ignore the interests of their families and even their health problems. In reality, gambling addiction is observed.

Along with gambling addiction, compulsive gamblers begin to abuse alcohol. There are financial problems.

If we take into account the severity of the development and course of addiction, then here it is definitely impossible to do without the intervention of medicine. Support of family and friends is very important.

We are who we are – there is no reason to argue with that. The psychological makeup, living conditions and the priority of values ​​made us so. And human nature is like that. But gambling doesn’t make us worse. We play for our pleasure, and if our hobby does not harm either us or our loved ones, then this is great.

Try on a “dress” of this or that psychotype, draw a conclusion and do not strive to win more than is possible. Play for fun!