Curiously enough, but some players do not even have an idea about the principles of slot machines and slots operation.

This is an unforgivable omission and we have decided to introduce you to the basics of these wonderful machines.

Among all the great variety there are games that attract more than others. Players call some slot machines and slots “profitable or generous”, others scold for being “greedy”.

That is why it is better to find out the principles of slots operation. Follow up with the article and take a note.


Modern slot machines and video slots are electronic devices based on the random number generator.

The first mechanical slots also worked using a similar generator. Modern slots, unlike their historical ancestors, are distinguished by their special design, amazing graphics and the presence of a certain number of reels, there can be from one to 20 or even more.

The number generator in slot machines cannot predict the outcome of a game, since the game process is not a cycle. Therefore, jackpot hitting cannot be predicted in advance.

Just like playing poker, nobody can predict which suit the next card will be.

The name “cold” or “hot” slot machines was invented by completely ignorant players.

In any game, whether it be a conventional casino or an online casino, the advantage will always remain on the side of a platform. The playing area must remain “afloat”. The profit is formed on the basis of mathematical calculations incorporated in all slot machines. Therefore, the payout is less than the estimated chances of success and winning.

For example, if in roulette the chances of hitting a specific number are 33 to 1, then the bet is paid at the rate of 35 to 1. With this, we think, there are no questions. Casinos worked, work and will work. The main thing is that we get a cheerful mind and entertainment.  


As mentioned earlier, slots have several reels with images in the form of different symbols. Players win if collected specific symbols in one line. The size of the payout will depend on the probability of hitting a certain set of symbols.

There are “stops” in the slots. There is a term “weighing” that defines how often a particular “stop” can appear on the slot screen.

Let’s say you are playing a slot machine with ten symbols, it may so happen that only one special symbol will appear out of a hundred spins. As you can see, everything is not so simple, a matter of chance also matters.


Another special term is a percentage of return, which is also a mathematical indicator that means the amount of money that will be paid back after an infinite number of spins.

Let’s give an example: the program has RTP of 97%, then three out of a hundred monetary units of a player’s bet remain in a casino. This is the alignment in the work of a casino, this is the pattern.

Nevertheless, slots have not become less popular.

If you understand, then beating a casino is an extremely unpromising business, entirely dependent on the internal electronic filling of slot machines. But don’t worry, many gamblers dispel melancholy, getting a charge of good mood.

Please keep in mind that by visiting a licensed online casino, you can have the best entertainment.

You don’t have to play for real money right away, try yourself in the game in demo for free. Lucky for those, who studied the game, acquired skills, formalized their strategy and tactics.

Play risk-free, and time will tell when you are ready to win.

Good luck everyone!