A strict set of rules for both parties – the client and the online casino, is an important factor that guarantees safety and high quality of the gaming process. Any controversial and ambiguous situations can be resolved as soon as possible based on well-developed instructions. In addition, Superboss has a license and operates in accordance with the legal framework of the European Union, which in itself obliges to regulate the interaction of the user – services provider.

We recommend that you carefully read the information below – the fulfillment of these conditions is mandatory. Violation leads to a lifetime account blocking with cancellation of all bonuses and funds. In addition to obligations, visitors to our online casino have rights, a list of which you will also get acquainted with in this review.

Set of rules, the most important points

To find the full list of rules and their contents, please visit Superboss website -Terms and Conditions in the section with Information, while the most important points are:

In case of any disputes, it is necessary to contact the casino’s customer support service. All records made and saved on Superboss service shall prevail.

Features of sports betting

Betting on the results of sports and e-sports matches can be concluded both in real time and before the start of the event. The minimum bet is $8 US, the maximum depends on the sport. A bet is considered concluded only after registering on the online casino site and assigning it the appropriate number (always unique). The results are calculated even in cases when the match was not completed (suspended and not finished within the next 24 hours). But, there are requirements for the actual time played, which vary depending on the specifics of a particular sport:

Important! If an online bet was made before the start of the match, it cannot be added to the coupon according to the principles of express and system.