Superboss online casino provides a number of competitive and bonus programs. The main idea is to diversify the gameplay for each participant in accordance with his/her individual preferences. Next, we will review promos offered by our platform in more detail.

Types of bonus accruals

Users of our online slot machines for money can get all the necessary information on existing loyalty programs by going to tab Promo. There are currently two types of payouts available:

Important! Bonuses are available for 7 days from the date of accrual.

Bonuses for new players

For new players, Superboss online casino has special offers:

Important! $40 000 US is the maximum amount for bonuses accrued.

Weekly prizes from our online casino

The following *regular promotions are provided on Superboss online casino platform:

*In order to play in the online casino while participating in weekly events from Superboss, you need to subscribe to our informational materials (by confirming your email address and cell phone number).

Tournaments and drawings for our standing customers

Regular tournaments also give players high chances of winning cash prizes. Visitors of our online casino receive such profitable opportunities on a regular basis. The most popular events:

In Superboss online casino, popular table games and online slot machines for money are successfully combined with a lot of additional features!


The return of money spent to users is carried out every week based on the amount spent in the previous one. The amount of such payments depends on how much the client replenishes balance and varies (the return can be 10-30% of the deposit). A good insurance against losses on volatility!

VIP-club in Superboss online casino

Playing slot machines for real money, every visitor of our casino accumulates live rating points. The status of the user and the level of privileges available to him/her directly depends on this. There are five level in total:

With the status increase, new opportunities open up and limits on money transfers change. In addition, the points can be used to receive a variety of gifts from Superboss online casino.

Conditions of participation in bonus programs

The general rules of our online casino call for:

The main purpose of Superboss programs is to make game process more diverse and help participants train their skills.

Betting coupons and their verification

First-time registered users of our online casino often ask questions about checking coupons for bets. There is no special field for this operation in the site functionality yet and it is necessary to perform the following:

In the future, it will be possible to check the results by the coupon number, which will greatly simplify and speed up the process.

Promo codes for free spins

After getting registered in Superboss online casino (including through the referral link of partner resources), a player receives a special promo code. This entitles him/her to additional free spins or prize money. The promo code is an alphanumeric cipher that must be entered to activate bonuses provided. To quickly find and use this privilege, use one of the options:

Important! Promo codes are free, but with validity periods.