Monitor, Analyze, and Test Website Load Speed and Performance

Track webpage performance in granular detail with ease

Examine key aspects of webpage performance for actionable insights

SolarWinds® Web Performance Monitor (WPM) is designed to help site admins meet end-user expectations and web-based application SLAs. With WPM, you can monitor how quickly site pages load—including how long it takes individual elements to load—and rapidly identify and troubleshoot performance issues. WPM can help you determine the site components creating performance bottlenecks while also monitoring file size, load times, and front-end components such as CSS, HTML, and JavaScript.

Run website speed tests from multiple locations for a thorough understanding of site performance

Monitoring load times from end-user locations is essential for maintaining the performance of critical web-based apps or websites hosted in the cloud, customer-facing web applications hosted on-premises, and internal web-based applications such as company intranet.

WPM website speed testing tools provide the flexibility to monitor site performance from within firewalls, at remote locations where you have a physical presence, or from locations where public cloud providers like Amazon EC2 are present. Simply record the transaction and deploy it to players where your users will be accessing the website.

Set alerts and receive notifications when slow responses or downtime are detected

Downtime occurs on even the most robust websites. If you’re alerted to slow-loading webpage components or downtime as it’s happening, you can determine whether these issues are caused by bottlenecks across your IT infrastructure.

WPM’s proactive alerting system is built to help you detect and track issues more efficiently, so you can determine which methods should be used to troubleshoot performance issues before they affect end users.

Integrate with other SolarWinds tools for comprehensive website performance testing

While WPM can help you identify slow-loading or unresponsive site elements—including DNS lookup, connection time, send, receive, wait times, and more—it also seamlessly combines with other SolarWinds products to provide an even more powerful, yet affordable solution for testing site performance and load speed.

For example, combining SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor and WPM functionalities can allow you to more easily visualize synthetic web transaction metrics in the context of your application performance.

You can also integrate WPM with SolarWinds Pingdom®. This combination enables you to leverage the real user monitoring (RUM) features in Pingdom to play recordings from a cloud network of probes outside the firewall, which can provide a truer representation of actual external end-user experience, alongside the synthetic user experience monitoring capabilities of WPM to support more holistic user experience monitoring.

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“WPM alerting has permitted us to get faster alerts of issues with critical web apps such as online banking. Faster alerting means we can resolve issues sooner and increase uptime.”

John Predmore

Network Administrator

First Bankers Trust Company

Run website speed tests with insightful and robust analysis tools

Web Performance Monitor

  • Monitor webpage performance, internal digital services, and SaaS application performance.
  • Run webpage load tests to determine how users experience your web-based apps.
  • Use detailed load time metrics to troubleshoot issues and perform website speed analysis.

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WPM, an Orion module, is built on the SolarWinds Platform

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