End-User Experience Monitoring Tool for Web Developers

Monitor web application performance for end users behind the firewall

Automatically monitor quality of service to improve the end-user experience

SolarWinds® Web Performance Monitor (WPM) lets you constantly monitor web-based application and website responsiveness from the view of your end users.

WPM is designed to help you:

  • Measure the impact of website and web app changes by testing transaction responsiveness
  • Install players in multiple locations and monitor for differences in the responsiveness and availability of centralized intranet services
  • Ensure processes perform as users expect
  • Find out where web app bottlenecks come from and identify their causes

Record every step of a transaction for deeper insight into the end-user experience

The easy-to-use recorder built into SolarWinds Web Performance Monitor is designed to capture every step in a web transaction and save it to a test you can run continuously. No need to use lengthy training or expensive professional services. WPM translates the sequence of web browser actions into a script for you and simulates the steps end users take when using your website or web-based applications. WPM records typical actions like mouse clicks, text input, file downloads, and matching text strings.

Run and record transaction tests from multiple locations

The transaction player in SolarWinds Web Performance Monitor can run from its own server or from remote locations. Just deploy your recorder at the location from which you want to understand the user experience. This feature can give insight into broader performance issues and is particularly useful for troubleshooting website or web application performance problems for remote locations or customers.

Monitor multi-department, multi-customer environments

SolarWinds WPM’s multi-tenant UI is designed to offer greater visibility and control over testing website and web applications, including from an end user perspective. You can set account limitations to restrict user access rights to designated network areas or withhold certain types of information from designated users, such as limiting views of specific transactions, player locations, or groups. This feature is important for managed service providers and large multi-department, multi-location businesses wanting to leverage a single instance of WPM.

Track application responsiveness for a better end-user experience

Between the intuitive dashboard and web-based reports in SolarWinds Web Performance Monitor, this tool makes it easier to understand load times of webpages and elements. The TCP waterfall charts are designed to help you quickly identify what page elements are taking the most time to load. With WPM, you can monitor website elements such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, as well as overall performance, and receive automatic notifications for incomplete or slow transactions.

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“WPM alerting has permitted us to get faster alerts of issues with critical web apps such as online banking. Faster alerting means we can resolve issues sooner and increase uptime.”

John Predmore

Network Administrator

First Bankers Trust Company

User experience monitoring for uninterrupted web application performance

Web Performance Monitor

  • Monitor both internal and external resources, including web services and SaaS application performance.
  • Record user transactions on web apps and sites.
  • Use detailed load-time metrics to troubleshoot faster.

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WPM, an Orion module, is built on the SolarWinds Platform

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