SharePoint Online Audit Log Tool

Easy-to-use SharePoint audit tool safeguards user access, helps demonstrate compliance, and supports incident response

Compliance reporting designed for speed and simplicity

Even in small organizations, SharePoint permissions management can quickly become complex. This level of complexity can slow down SharePoint security audits. SolarWinds® Access Right Manager (ARM) is built to simplify compliance by helping you provide auditors validation you’re adhering to security policy by safely delegating access privilege. Unlike other SharePoint audit tools, ARM is built to simultaneously help reduce IT workload and risks. Plus, ARM fully automates report scheduling and delivery—directly to your auditor and other key stakeholders.

Help safeguard user access to SharePoint files

Although Microsoft SharePoint can house some of an organization’s most valuable resources, analyzing SharePoint audit logs can be slow and difficult. Our simple-to-use SharePoint audit tool, SolarWinds Access Rights Manager (ARM), is designed to help simplify your audit program by reporting who has access to what SharePoint data—and provides a full audit trail of when they accessed it. With rich SharePoint reporting, ARM can help make the next risk assessment easier and faster. If ARM discovers an account with insecure configurations, the tool will instantly alert you to automatically deprovision the user’s account.

Respond to SharePoint data risks

Monitoring user access to SharePoint files and folders is essential for security and compliance. Yet responding to these risks at scale requires deep analytics as well as efficient automation. SolarWinds Access Rights Manager, a lightweight SharePoint audit tool, can analyze Active Directory management of user permissions and automate user provisioning and deprovisioning for rapid responses to data breach risks. Whether you detect suspicious user activity in Microsoft Exchange or in SharePoint, ARM can capture the full audit trail to help support audits and investigations.

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Powerful, Easy-to-Use SharePoint Online Audit Tool

Access Rights Manager

  • Monitor and audit Active Directory, Exchange, SharePoint, and file server permissions
  • Quickly manage and provision user access
  • Generate custom management and audit reports

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