Secure Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) Over Internet

Safely access client networks with an RDP security solution
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Troubleshoot remotely with a secure RDP connection over the internet

SolarWinds® Dameware® Remote Everywhere (DRE) is a comprehensive remote desktop protocol (RDP) security solution built to help technicians resolve issues remotely and securely. DRE is designed to establish a secure RDP connection to Windows desktops and servers, but can also connect to Mac, iOS, and Android devices. Since DRE is a lightweight cloud-based solution, it’s accessible from almost anywhere with an internet connection and can typically connect to workstations over the internet in less than eight seconds, which helps technicians get in, get out, and solve issues faster. 

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Enhance RDP security with a strong password policy

To increase RDP security with DRE, you can create a master password for every agent on which the remote desktop protocol is installed. Adding a password can reduce the chances of a security breach due to credential misuse and is recommended for key machines like domain controllers and database servers within an enterprise. Help ensure end users are fully covered by using a master password, locking Windows at the end of each support session, and requiring local-level authentication when starting a session.

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Leverage remote desktop protocol and robust encryption to establish a secure remote session

DRE includes features, like encryption, designed to provide secure remote desktop sessions by using multi-factor authentication and AES-256 encryption, helping ensure data is secure in transit and at rest. Encrypted support sessions can automatically time out if they’re idle to prevent unauthorized access. Also, technicians can pause secure remote desktop sessions and use blank screens to help keep support sessions confidential. 

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Use an RDP security solution equipped with reporting features

DRE can record and export to .xls for further analysis, quality assurance, or auditing. In addition to DRE’s powerful reporting and diagnostic capabilities, this tool also features real-time session monitoring and session video recording with automatic upload to the cloud.

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Dameware Remote Everywhere

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