Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) Software

Minimize risk and data loss with role-based access control

Secure data with better visibility and monitoring

Continuous monitoring and deeper visibility across the network are essential to secure sensitive data from unauthorized access. SolarWinds® Access Rights Manager (ARM) includes an RBAC security solution built to visually represent user permissions across your networks and provide details on user access and activity. ARM can also help expedite the incident response process by automating user deprovisioning to avoid misuse of authorization and access. With detailed reports and a complete audit trail of user permissions and access level changes, ARM can accelerate cybersecurity risk investigations.

Automate user access rights management

SolarWinds Access Rights Manager is a lightweight role-based access control software that can help you automate the user account provisioning and deprovisioning process. Role-specific templates are designed to help continuously enforce RBAC security without adding administrative overhead. Smoothly delegate user access rights to files, drives, and folders while conforming to security policies and guidelines. Access Rights Manager is designed to simplify role-based access control for Active Directory (AD) management by securely authorizing permissions to users.

Demonstrate compliance and expedite audits

SolarWinds Access Rights Manager comes with an integrated compliance reporting tool that provides standardized, audit-ready reports. ARM is designed to help you conduct faster compliance audits with comprehensive reports that demonstrate and validate compliance for various regulations, such as GDPR, PCI DSS, HIPAA, and more. Detailed AD reports and simplified change tracking helps to determine who has made changes to Active Directory and file servers, as well as when those changes were made.

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Help reduce breaches with AD role-based access control software

Access Rights Manager

  • Quickly manage and provision user access to files and folders.
  • Control change management to safeguard critical resources.
  • Generate custom management and audit reports.

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