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Get multi-platform remote support for Windows, macOS X, and Linux computers

Remote support software is more important than ever. It’s critical to have software able to connect to a variety of different device types and operating systems.

SolarWinds® Dameware® Remote Support (DRS) offers the flexibility you need to support personal and company devices. The tool makes it easier to remotely connect to Windows, macOS X, and Linux devices over the internet or inside the LAN, so you can help end users wherever they are located. With the Dameware Mobile app, the tool can also connect to computers from Android and Apple devices, including tablets.

Chat with end users as you troubleshoot and take screenshots of the remote desktop

As you troubleshoot problems, you may need to communicate with the end user to better understand what they did or are trying to do.

With SolarWinds Dameware Remote Support, you can instantly chat with end users, allowing you to fix problems faster. DRS also lets you take screenshots of the remote desktop and save them to your computer, so you can more easily see what exactly is going wrong and, if you need to come back to the problem later, you have a visual record to reference.

Wake sleeping servers and reboot powered-down computers remotely

SolarWinds Dameware Remote Support lets you turn devices on remotely, with options on how to connect to another computer. For example, you can configure the Dameware Client Agent to allow for unattended connections, allowing you to fix problems while the end user is away from their computer. Or you can use the Intel vPro AMT technology to “wake up” another computer that’s sleeping, in power saving mode, and reboot a powered-down machine.

Increase security by controlling who has access to remote systems and encrypting data

When connecting to devices remotely, you want to make sure only authorized personnel can access sensitive information and devices. SolarWinds Dameware Remote Support is designed to give you granular control over who has access to remote computers. You can also configure DRS to require end users to grant the system administrator access and use Active Directory Group Policies to control exactly who’s allowed to remotely connect to another computer.

DRS is designed to further increase security by allowing you to use AES 256, 3DES/Triple DES, RC4, and FIPS 140-2 encryption algorithms to help ensure each remote session is secure.

Easily install the Dameware client agent and get agent-backward compatibility

SolarWinds Dameware Remote Support uses an agent to establish the remote desktop sharing connection, which is built to be easy to install. The client agent can automatically be installed the first time you connect to another computer, or you can use the MSI builder to create a custom agent installation package that can be installed using Group Policies or third-party platforms.

DRS is also backwards compatible with Dameware version 7 and version 8 client agents. This means you can connect to computers running earlier Dameware versions. With agent-backward compatibility, you have more flexibility to decide when agents are upgraded.

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