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Easy-to-use remote control for your Windows machines and servers

Get started more quickly and easily with remote access for Windows

SolarWinds® Dameware® Remote Support (DRS™) offers Windows remote controls designed for ease of use, which can help you see a return on your investment right away.

DRS is built to allow you to start a session instantly with no machine reboots, delivering enhanced speed and performance thanks to the Dameware Mirror Driver.

To get started with DRS, simply configure and install the MRC Client Agent Service using the included MSI package builder. It’s designed to be straightforward to configure Windows Firewall and Advanced Windows Firewall.

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Ensure security and encryption are in place as you remotely control Windows systems

Dameware Remote Support comes with a range of security and encryption capabilities designed to help ensure more secure Windows remote control in the workplace.

With DRS, you can easily leverage multiple authentication methods. DRS can allow you to encrypt all communications between remote and local machines, following the latest standards for encryption, hashing, and key exchange. Set FIPS-140-certified encryption via Microsoft Cryptographic Providers and CryptoAPIs within the operating system (OS).

DRS also offers a capability unique among third-party Windows remote desktop software options. You can use the Interactive Smart Card Login and Remote Smart Card Authentication with a Smart Card and PIN from your local machine without needing additional installations.

For visibility, this Windows remote control tool lets you set email notifications to see every time a connection is made to a remote machine. You can also restrict access as needed through IP filtering, group membership, Shared Secret key, and more.

Deliver more effective end-user support

Dameware Remote Support is designed to offer the features you need to deliver seamless and effective end-user support during remote access for Windows. You can start by acquiring permission from the desktop user before connecting. Then, you can easily share sessions and screens, chat with end users, and transfer files as needed.

For improved visibility during troubleshooting, this Windows remote desktop software can also let you use multi-monitor support, and you can simply click once to save screenshots of the remote machine.

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Support multiple Windows operating systems straight out of the box

Dameware Remote Support is designed to support multiple Windows operating systems to provide a universal Windows remote control tool, allowing technicians to remotely connect with as many end users as needed. For more flexibility, DRS supports both 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems and utilizes Fast User Switching.

In addition, U3 Mode for portability lets you run MRC from a device other than the local hard drive. Dameware Remote Support also integrates with Active Directory (AD), so you can more easily import and manage the AD credentials of technician users and enable AD-authenticated single sign-on.

There’s no limit to the number of end-user connections you can run. Do-it-yourself deployment software downloads and installs typically in minutes, meaning you can get started virtually connecting using Windows remote control in the workplace straight out of the box.

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  • Use Windows remote control to troubleshoot more easily
  • Share sessions and screens, chat with end users, and transfer files
  • Help ensure security and encryption during remote connections
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