Public Land Management Agency Improves Internal Satisfaction Rate over 30% with SolarWinds Platform Modules

Publish Date: 11/10/2022
Case Study

Like most state and local agency infrastructure teams, this state public land management agency operates with tight budgets, lean teams, and expanded mandates.

This agency oversees the infrastructure for over a dozen business units, including disaster recovery, veteran benefits, and public school funding.

With a wide scope and changing technology, the network infrastructure group knew it had outgrown its previous network monitoring solutions. They knew they needed a monitoring solution unique to their environment—one with flexibility and breadth and capable of significantly reducing the time and resources they spent—to see the results they wanted.

To achieve these goals, they implemented the SolarWinds® Platform, created network redundancies, eliminated single points of failures, and leveraged user-contributed templates to accelerate their time to value.

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