Customizable Full-Stack and Integrated Dashboards

Get the insights you need with PerfStack and SolarWinds Hybrid Cloud Observability.

Accelerate issue resolution with cross-domain correlation of data

When it comes to accelerating issue resolution within your IT environment, cross-domain data correlation eases collaboration between teams. The PerfStack™ drag-and-drop metric correlation dashboard proactively enables operators to better focus on key issues without telemetry data deluge, helping teams make more informed decisions and be more productive.

Visually correlate metrics and events on a common timeline

When an application slowdown occurs, how do your teams rapidly identify the cause? PerfStack dashboards visually correlate data from network interface utilization, application performance counters, or VM host memory utilization to compare these data types side by side on a common timeline. There’s no need to switch from tool to tool to identify root cause. Dashboards are fully customizable, and you can build them on-demand while troubleshooting or save and share them to easily detect anomalies in common services.

Gain productivity and agility with collaboration across IT functions

Cross-functional collaboration across ITOps, DevOps, and security teams is critical to resolving problems as quickly as possible. SolarWinds® Hybrid Cloud Observability enables broad, correlated, and connected data, allowing for wider use across your organization. PerfStack allows for full-stack observability, with integrated dashboards from across the network, cloud, infrastructure, application, and database functions.

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“NetPath and PerfStack provide enhanced troubleshooting tools. Whether by a single approach or a single pane of glass, unified monitoring allows the NOC and engineering staff members to take in the whole picture without omitting the details. This is of greatest benefit when a hybrid staff is responding to events that interrupt even a single subscriber. With a whole picture understanding, every aspect of the production network is available to prognostic analysis ahead of a service affecting an event.”

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Engineer in Information Technology

Utilities Company, 51 – 200 employees

Accelerate IT issue resolution with cross-domain data correlation

Hybrid Cloud Observability

  • Infrastructure, network, and application performance observability

  • Physical and virtual hosts, SD-WAN, and device monitoring

  • Automated discovery and dependency mapping

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