Network Packet Analyzer

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A packet analyzer turns granular, real-time data into key network insights

Analyze real network latencies to identify bottlenecks before they affect end users.
Capture a range of metrics pertaining to key business applications right out of the box.
View network information automatically sorted by category and risk level.
Use the in-depth Quality of Experience (QoE) dashboard to manage network performance.

Identify slowdowns to prevent end-user impact

When end users experience slowdowns while using a network, the first question is always whether the underlying issue is with a specific application, or with the network as a whole. The packet scanner feature of SolarWinds® Network Performance Monitor helps provide a clear answer to this question, fast. NPM measures network path latency, or response time between client and server, to identify any bottlenecks or irregularities. This packet-level information provides admins with the most relevant metrics, including a pinpointed network location, network and application response time, traffic volume, and traffic count. This makes it easier to diagnose root causes and address issues before they further impact end-user connectivity. Additionally, admins can use the PerfStack performance analysis feature in NPM to drag and drop performance metrics onto a common timeline to visually correlate data and discover the root causes of end-user issues.
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Analyze packet metrics for over 1,200 applications

SolarWinds packet analyzer software allows you to capture and utilize data from over 1,200 applications right out of the box. Admins can use this software to monitor all relevant applications, including business-critical programs, across their entire IT environment. You can also keep track of popular apps like Skype, SQL Server, and Facebook. The packet analyzer tool is built to focus on the metavalues of the applications rather than the full packet data, meaning unnecessary traffic data won’t take up space in your database. 
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Categorize traffic types across your network

The network packet analysis tools in NPM are designed to not only capture and analyze packet data, but they can also automatically classify network traffic. The platform is built to display network traffic information according to category and provide an estimate of the risk level associated with this traffic. The analyzer categorizes traffic according to elements like source or destination IP address, port usage, application type, and volume. Admins can also identify how traffic flows over a specific network link or to servers or applications. Armed with these insights, admins can make informed decisions about capacity planning. The network packet analysis tools in NPM can make it easier to filter out worrisome levels of non-business traffic. 
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Ensure optimal end-user experience

While many network packet analysis tools only estimate network performance and, in turn, end-user experience, Network Performance Monitor pulls metadata from sensors across both physical and virtual servers to provide a realistic overview of current end-user conditions. Its unique Quality of Experience dashboard uses in-depth packet analysis to provide admins with key performance metrics.
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Set custom, automated packet scanner alerts

Network packet analyzing is crucial for understanding current network status, which is why NPM is built to stay on top of changes by automatically polling for updates every five minutes. However, there’s no need to check NPM that often. You can use the automated network alert feature to catch issues immediately, so you can take action well before end users report slowdowns or security risks spread. The QoE dashboard can also immediately ping admins if application performance drops.

And don’t worry about alert overload—with NPM, it’s easy to customize your alerts to send notifications only on the metrics you’re concerned about. The platform also calculates dynamic baseline threshold data to help you avoid extraneous alerts. Just set up email alerts or Orion® SMS notifications on your mobile device, then use the platform’s configuration options to define the amount of information included in the alerts.

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Spot potential security threats

Network packet analysis is intertwined with ensuring connectivity, but it’s also key for spotting potential security threats. Use NPM to catch abnormal traffic or spikes in data usage that could signal a security issue. The network packet analyzer in NPM is designed to provide insights into exactly how much traffic is crossing your network, both currently and historically. You can also use NPM to get at-a-glance insights into data volume and transaction volume according to application, and filter or create reports on the data as needed. 

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Leverage a built-in network packet analyzer

NPM uses a built-in packet analyzer to capture data from sensors installed on managed Windows devices across a network. Since the tool only collects relevant metadata, it uses minimal bandwidth on Orion servers and nodes. NPM then turns this metadata into readable metrics, automatically updating this information to provide an accurate, evolving picture of on-premises, hybrid, and cloud services. Additionally, admins can use NPM to monitor logical components within a software-defined network (SDN) environment. 

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Gain access to an intuitive, centralized dashboard

Network Performance Monitor provides an organized, user-friendly interface for managing packet analysis data. NPM makes it easy to drill down into individual devices or applications to access additional details with the ability to filter and provision items in groups or batches as well as set thresholds for color-coded insights and alerts.

Admins can also use the visual charts and graphs in SolarWinds NPM to quickly access an overview of current QoE status or to filter packet analysis findings to report on results. Use the default categorizations or customize charts and graphs to classify, display, and prioritize the metrics most relevant to your network management traffic.

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Resolve network and application issues with a packet analyzer

Network Performance Monitor

  • Translate network packet information into useful charts and graphs.
  • Captures and filter network traffic information according to your specifications.
  • User-friendly interface and alerts make it a snap to track packet data.

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NPM, an Orion module, is built on the SolarWinds Platform

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