Monitor and Manage OneDrive Permissions

Audit and report on OneDrive permissions to monitor security and uphold regulatory compliance

Automate OneDrive access management

SolarWinds® Access Rights Manager (ARM) is designed to simplify OneDrive user access management with standardized templates to provide specific OneDrive file sharing permission rights based on the role of the user. ARM also features automated account provisioning and deprovisioning to support improved productivity by reducing the IT workload needed to configure individual OneDrive permissions. It also helps increase security by enforcing the principle of least privilege when creating or managing OneDrive user accounts.

Monitor OneDrive permissions with better visibility

Monitoring OneDrive for Business permissions can be a daunting task, especially if you’re a large enterprise with numerous internal and external OneDrive users. ARM is built to provide complete visibility into your OneDrive permissions. Get a bird’s-eye view of all OneDrive file sharing permissions to check what files and folders are internally shared between employees and what resources are shared externally and by whom. Using the web-based, self-service permissions portal, you can also enable OneDrive file owners to facilitate their own secure delegation of file permissions without the need for administrative oversight.

Streamline regulatory compliance

Data protection and security audits can be complex, as auditors need to verify every detail to confirm security policies are being effectively enforced. ARM can help expedite compliance audits for regulatory requirements like HIPAA, GDPR, or PCI by giving you complete insight into OneDrive permissions through its customized reports detailing user identities, access rights, and changes made to OneDrive files and folders. Customize reports to help demonstrate compliance and schedule them to be automatically sent to auditors. ARM can also help track changes to sensitive resources with an audit trail that can help identify who accessed what OneDrive file or folder and when.

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Access Rights Manager

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  • Control change management to safeguard critical resources.
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