OneDrive Group Policy Access Change Monitoring Tool for Business

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Simplify, monitor, and automate OneDrive Group Policy operations

Retrieve and analyze events from OneDrive Group Policy to increase visibility.
Automate account authorizations, provisioning, and withdrawal with standardized templates.
Get a complete overview of share permissions and see how users have been sharing files.

Easily view activity within Microsoft OneDrive

SolarWinds® Access Rights Manager (ARM) is built to collect events from OneDrive, complementing its ability to integrate with Active Directory, Exchange, and file servers. Data administrators can now see key permissions settings, user access activity, and more within OneDrive and analyze this data in automated reports. This increased visibility can help businesses get a more complete view of their systems and user behavior. 

Automate OneDrive for Business Group Policy access management

The standardized templates included in ARM make it easier to set specific OneDrive Group Policy user permissions for file sharing, depending on the user. Managing user rights and privileges and setting up authorizations and withdrawals ahead of time can save valuable time. This capability can increase productivity and ease the burden on IT teams. Automating user permissions in this way also helps improve data security with its ability to regulate permissions across specific role types, as when applying the principle of least privilege to multiple users. 

Monitor user permissions within OneDrive GPO

Managing OneDrive Group Policy settings requires negotiating many moving parts, especially with OneDrive users spread out internally and externally across the globe. Access Rights Manager provides a comprehensive overview of the users with OneDrive permissions. Check which files have been shared by which users and go directly to the source. In addition, the web-based permissions self-service portal in SolarWinds ARM can allow OneDrive file owners to manage their own data access rights without needing to involve IT administrators. 

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Gain more control over OneDrive Group Policy

Access Rights Manager

  • Collect data from OneDrive for Business and integrate it across platforms.
  • Automate access management with standardized templates.
  • Get a comprehensive view of user permissions within OneDrive for Business GPO.
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