Simplify NTFS Permissions Management

Get quick insights and create auditable reports using an advanced NTFS permissions tool

Increase efficiency with automation

Relying on manual tools for assigning, modifying, and revoking NTFS file or folder permissions is not only complicated, but can also expose sensitive data to online risks. SolarWinds Access Rights Manager (ARM) is designed to address this challenge by automating access management. With ARM, centralize creation of groups with common access requirements and change permissions in bulk. Unlike other NTFS permissions tools, ARM is built to be easy to configure, and offers a rich UI to support shorter workflows. By reducing complexity in Windows folder permissions, ARM’s NTFS permissions tool is built to help significantly improve your risk management capabilities.

Mitigate insider threats proactively

It is common for an organization’s internal users to become victims of data loss or be targeted by sophisticated social engineering attacks. Threat actors gain access to shared folders and files, which can compromise sensitive data. Small security lapses in NTFS permissions can quickly escalate beyond control. SolarWinds Access Rights Manager’s NTFS permissions tool can help you address such challenges and proactively mitigate threats with higher agility. ARM is designed to track insecure configurations and can automatically deprovision an account to counter insider threats using role-specific templates.

Demonstrate compliance with ease

Compliance reporting can be a time-consuming task. Teams often struggle to aggregate data from disparate logs and systems. SolarWinds ARM is designed to reduce compliance reporting burdens significantly with audit-ready reports. These reports provide a comprehensive view of user access trails to critical drives, folders, and files. You can customize compliance, permissions,  Active Directory user reports, and other reports, as well as schedule automated deliveries to auditors. Such reports are vital for breach notifications, and essential to routine internal audits and security reviews.

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