Visualize Your Environment with Network Maps

Use network visualization software to build maps, graphs, and charts of your network
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Use Network Visualization Tools to Stay on Top of Changes

SolarWinds® network visualization tools provide a unified view of network connections, applications, dependency relationships, topology, and ADM information. With these network map visualizations, users can see the physical and logical relationships between routers, switches, servers, interfaces, volumes, and groups to quickly isolate and identify critical health and performance issues. These intelligent maps leverage data from Network Performance Monitor’s (NPM) topology, Server & Application Monitor’s (SAM) application dependencies, and other relationship information available in the Orion® Platform.

SolarWinds network visibility solutions are updated automatically without user intervention. Want more customization? You can build maps from scratch or import auto-generated maps, customize layouts, and add them to any view or dashboard using the Orion Maps widget.

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Custom Network Atlas Maps

With the Network Atlas feature in NPM, users only need to drag and drop available network devices onto the given area to start populating the map. Leveraging the ConnectNow technology, Network Atlas will instantly create L2/L3 network connections between all selected devices.

You can also customize your background to overlay your network on top of your building blueprint or campus map, layer maps to easily drill down into your infrastructure, and more.

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Gain a geographic view with network visualization software

With SolarWinds NPM network visualization tool, users can access the worldwide map resource to view nodes and groups of nodes on a realistic geographical map. Once nodes are displayed, users can zoom in and out, view concise information pop-ups for node groups, and access node detail pages simply by double-clicking an object. 

IT teams can add nodes automatically to the worldwide map in NPM using information within each node's custom properties, such as GPS coordinates or street address information. Users can also manually add objects if they don’t have access to this information.

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Map network pathing with hop-by-hop analysis

SolarWinds NPM also includes NetPath, a visualization tool built to let you see into all your critical network paths to provide deeper insights and support faster time to resolution.

With NetPath, you can more easily see all devices, applications, networks, and vendors in a single-page path analysis view, with the ability to track every hop as well as view historical and real-time network latency.

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Automatically generate useful maps with network visualization software

Network Performance Monitor

  • Use Intelligent Mapping to build more meaningful connections between disparate network devices.
  • Create visual depictions of complex networks with customizable graphs, charts, and maps.
  • Use geolocation to view network nodes on real-world maps.

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NPM, an Orion module, is built on the SolarWinds Platform

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