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Visualize critical network paths with network troubleshooting software

SolarWinds® network troubleshooting tools integrate with your devices, applications, networks, and vendors in a single-page path analysis, for faster troubleshooting without the noise. Solarwinds® Network Performance Monitor (NPM) can allow you to track every hop and to view latency historically or in real-time. From a central control, you can view performance and traffic details for devices and apps, whether they’re on-premises, in the cloud, or across hybrid environments.
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Analyze network performance data more easily with the right network troubleshooting system

With Network Performance Monitor and its analytical tool, PerfStack, you can visually correlate performance data to identify the root cause of issues and reduce the impact on your end users. With shareable network performance reports, you can also identify which users, applications, and protocols consume the most bandwidth by analyzing multi-vendor flow data. Using historical network data can help you analyze the effectiveness of pre- and post-policy traffic levels to determine if quality of service (QoS) policies are working as planned.
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Automate configuration management to support network troubleshooting

Network configuration management is an integral part of network management. SolarWinds Network Configuration Manager (NCM) allows you to monitor rapid change across complex and multi-vendor networks. With automated network configuration management, you can meet security compliance with standardized configs, audit configurations, and correct violations. Vulnerabilities in Cisco devices can be quickly detected thanks to integration with the National Vulnerability Database and access to the most current CVEs.
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Use data-driven diagnostics to find the root cause of network issues

SolarWinds network troubleshooting software documents network data for effective network performance troubleshooting and root cause analysis. With Network Performance Manager, interactive charts allow for intuitive diagnostics in current and past network environments. Similarly, Network Configuration Manager provides detailed visualizations of historical and real-time configurations. SolarWinds network troubleshooting tools allow you to diagnose root causes and accelerate time to resolution.
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Set up network alerts for quicker troubleshooting

With the intelligent network alerting software SolarWinds offers, IT managers aren’t burdened by an overwhelming barrage of alerts. To save you time, Network Performance Monitor and Network Configuration Manager can autonomously determine which alerts are most critical for network performance. NPM and NCM offer default alerts and a custom alert setup option. You can specify how you wish to receive network performance alerts (text, email, and more) and direct alerts to the right users.
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"Orion NPM and NCM give us tremendous network management and monitoring capabilities for such a small investment. They have become an integral tool as part of our team and daily monitoring, we are able to easily see if there has been any issue within the network as we are alerted both by email and SMS."

Dan Fludder

Network and Infrastructure Manager

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Network management software for in-depth monitoring and troubleshooting

Network Performance Monitor and Network Configuration Manager

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