Network Sniffer Tool

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Automatically monitor and measure network and application performance with network sniffer software

Quickly find and resolve the cause of network latency and identify impacted applications.
Network Performance Monitor includes network sniffing modules designed to provide insight into top metrics.
Automatically classify network traffic by category and risk level.

Track network and application response time

Tracking packet response times for both networks and applications means you can more easily answer the question, “Is it the network or a specific application that’s causing slowdowns for users?” The sniffer network monitoring tool in SolarWinds® Network Performance Monitor (NPM) helps you narrow down the issue with dashboard displays of top ten Time to First Byte and TCP Handshake metrics. Gain an at-a-glance ability to correlate and identify the source of slowdowns and configure the dashboard to instantly isolate metrics by type, time, or other factors. Drill down into discrete values to understand network traffic in depth.

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How to use network sniffer software

Network sniffing is an integral part of the network analysis capabilities in NPM. The network sniffing modules are designed to provide insight into top metrics, letting you drill down to troubleshoot and allow admins to set dynamic alerting thresholds. Easily track and analyze the traffic for specific applications with the Quality of Experience (QoE) module. Network sniffing is managed through the NPM dashboard, where admins can see an overview of network response times (TCP Handshake), application response times (Time to First Byte), traffic types, and risk levels. Admins can further create Quality of Experience app management clusters after installing packet analysis sensors. Network Performance Monitor provides a range of features, including customizable alerts, auto-generating intelligent maps, SDN environment monitoring, dynamic baseline calculating, and Network Insight™ visibility across Cisco Nexus, Cisco ASA, and F5 BIG-IP.
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Analyze traffic distribution

With the SolarWinds network sniffing tool, you can automatically classify network traffic according to categories like business vs. social and risk level. Categorize traffic into types based on destination server IP addresses, ports used, and measurement of the total and relative volumes of traffic for each type. Group traffic by categories like file transfer, network monitoring, messaging, remote access, and database use. Using the NPM network sniffer tool, you can also identify excessive levels of non-business traffic—like social media or the use of risky apps—you may need to filter or eliminate.

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Monitor and identify application traffic

With NPM, you can identify and monitor over 1,200 applications out of the box, including popular platforms like Skype and Facebook. View specific traffic on your network and automatically calculate application response times. Use the unique QoE dashboard to monitor metrics across specific sets of applications and troubleshoot faster using a realistic view of current user impact. Perform bulk application assignments within the dashboard for quicker management. You can also reconfigure application type or risk designation to fit your business needs.

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Configure security features

With NPM, admins can set custom dynamic thresholds to trigger automatic alerts. Worried about a spike in Active Directory activity rates? You can set an alert on that. With applications automatically classified by risk level, you can easily monitor their traffic—or decide to turn off the alerting for trusted programs. Change parameters to zoom in on performance spikes or zoom out for historical or network segment comparison.

Admins can also use the Wi-Fi network sniffer to use basic anomaly detection to catch Wi-Fi security issues. Run custom reports to understand risk factors within your overall network.

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"SolarWinds NPM is simply the best monitoring solution I’ve ever used. Easy to setup, deploy, and capture data."

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Use a network sniffer tool to gain insights into your network traffic

Network Performance Monitor

  • Troubleshoot network and application slowdowns.
  • Get to the root cause quicker by leveraging packet response time insights.
  • Catch inappropriate or risky traffic by relying on comprehensive networking sniffing.

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NPM, an Orion module, is built on the SolarWinds Platform

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