Observe Hybrid Network Connectivity with NetPath

Automatically generate the network path to critical applications and services

Visualize and continuously analyze critical network paths

The NetPath feature within SolarWinds Hybrid Cloud Observability allows your team to view critical network paths regardless of their location. Leveraging our advanced platform, you can obtain service- and component-level visualization, gain deeper insights and actionable intelligence to make smarter decisions, and streamline the way you manage network services. NetPath will highlight component relationships, deviations, and dependencies—which organizations can use for deep outlier detection and cross-domain context.

NetPath: Hop-by-hop analysis along critical paths

NetPath helps you identify network problems faster within your hybrid IT and multi-cloud infrastructure. NetPath can automatically create a map of a problem area and enrich it with a wide variety of supporting information such as traffic and configuration details. NetPath displays the performance details of devices inside and outside of your network, providing you with end-to-end path visibility.

Map hybrid paths like never before

View performance, traffic, and configuration details of devices with NetPath. With NetPath, you can isolate network slowdowns and determine the actual person you need to contact to solve it. Understand your provider’s network better than they do with full hop-by-hop visibility into the entire network path. NetPath uses distributed monitoring and path analysis across a hybrid network to discover how applications are delivered to your users.

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"NetPath is a must have on your organization. It allows you to see an overall view of how your traffic flow from the SolarWinds to another point on the network. We use it all the time for troubleshooting and to evidence ISP issues."

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Hybrid Cloud Observability

  • Infrastructure, network, and application performance observability
  • Physical and virtual hosts, SD-WAN, and device monitoring
  • Automated discovery and dependency mapping
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