Network Monitoring System

Take control of your environment with a network monitoring system
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Gain end-to-end visibility for your network using a network monitoring system

SolarWinds® Network Performance Monitor (NPM) is a powerful and affordable network monitoring system designed to help you achieve comprehensive monitoring, starting with discovery. NPM’s network device scanner automatically finds the devices on your network, making it easier for you to stay on top of monitoring. You can also visualize connections between devices, applications, and connections using network topology mapping tools. This helps improve visibility and can aid troubleshooting.
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Speed up troubleshooting and reduce downtime with a multi-vendor network monitoring system

Network monitoring is important for keeping business-critical operations running smoothly. If your network seems slow, NPM can calculate network response time and break down over 1,200 applications according to risk level and business function. This helps you determine whether network response time issues are being caused by one application or network-wide issues. NPM also gives you a clear view of performance metrics, link utilization, and more, so you can troubleshoot before issues start to affect end users.
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Perform detailed analysis to dig deeper into network performance

NPM comes equipped with numerous features designed to take troubleshooting and network performance monitoring to the next level. You can drag and drop different performance metrics onto a single timeline using the PerfStack feature, which helps you identify root causes faster and reveal connections between network performance issues that may otherwise appear isolated. NetPath™ allows you to perform hop-by-hop analysis along critical paths across devices and applications on-premises, in the cloud, or in hybrid environments. 
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Increase operational efficiency using a network monitoring system equipped with intelligent alerts

You need a network monitoring system to alert you to performance issues fast. NPM analyzes historical data and uses them to set network performance baselines. You can configure NPM to send alerts when these baselines have been met or in response to other significant changes like request failures, low server health, high CPU usage, and more. Alerts also display detailed information like node name, time the alert occurred, and alert severity, so you can troubleshoot the most serious issues first. 
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Easily monitor wireless devices with a network monitoring system

NPM offers wired and wireless device monitoring in one network monitoring system. This solution features Wi-Fi monitoring software to categorize and recognize wireless devices, and you can monitor them alongside wired devices. Wi-Fi maps update every five minutes to reflect your network’s changing connectivity, giving you an accurate picture of your coverage. Also, NPM’s filter feature makes it easy to find the wireless device performance data, traffic, and configuration details you need. 
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Unlock comprehensive monitoring with a network monitoring system

Network Performance Monitor

  • Achieve ultimate end-to-end visibility across your entire network, including wireless devices.
  • Troubleshoot quickly and effectively.
  • Drill down on root causes using intelligent alerts.

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NPM, an Orion module, is built on the SolarWinds Platform

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