Network Mapping Tools

Use SolarWinds network mapping tools to easily create custom maps and visual packet paths
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Accelerate Troubleshooting With Orion Maps to Visualize and Correlate Information in Your Network

The amount of data generated by network gear and fed into monitoring systems like SolarWinds® Network Performance Monitor (NPM) can be daunting, especially in complex hybrid environments. How can we recognize the signal from the noise?

SolarWinds Orion® Maps are a troubleshooting feature displaying a map of physical and logical relationships between entities monitored by the Orion Platform products you’ve installed. Auto-generated or created from scratch, Orion Maps can help you quickly isolate and identify critical health and performance issues surfaced by NPM.

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Use Orion Maps Time Travel to Conquer Intermittent Issues

Sometimes we experience the negative effects from problems in the network, after the fact. In the morning, after the weekend, and you have some research to do. Intermittent issues can be some of the trickiest to solve. With time travel you can see how network gear looked at the time an issue occurred and recreate the site of issue. Introduced in version 2020.2, Orion Maps now has time travel allowing NPM users to go back in time and visualize how your network looked at the time the issue occurred.

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Hop-by-Hop Analysis Along Critical Network Paths

NetPath, a feature in SolarWinds products Network Performance Monitor (NPM), NetFlow Traffic Analyzer (NTA), and Network Configuration Manager (NCM), uses advanced probing to detect the network path (or paths) from a source computer to a destination service, even when traceroute can’t. This hop-by-hop analysis provides deep visibility into critical network paths in a hybrid IT environment. It allows you to visually understand traffic at each node, isolate data latency, perform root cause analysis, and eliminate problems before your users see the issue.

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Why Orion Maps Are for Everyone

Orion Maps is about sifting through the raw data and presenting what matters as information.

It’s easier than ever to create maps in the Orion Platform leveraging data from Network Performance Monitor (NPM) and other modules on the platform. In this session, Technical Content Manager Kevin M. Sparenberg and Product Manager Jeff Blank are going to build up a single map, step by step, to show you how easy, powerful, and effective they can be.

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"With SolarWinds, we have seen improvements in availability and reductions in time-to-resolution. We are able to rectify problems faster, before users start complaining."

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Network mapping tools provide critical IT visibility

Network Performance Monitor

  • Use Orion Maps to display physical and logical network links automatically.
  • Conquer intermittent issues with Orion Map time travel.
  • Leverage NetPath capabilities to generate in-depth network performance visualizations.

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NPM, an Orion module, is built on the SolarWinds Platform

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