Network Device Discovery

Find devices on your network with simple yet comprehensive tools
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Automatically discover network devices and collect detailed information

Staying on top of devices can be difficult. SolarWinds® Network Performance Monitor (NPM) is designed to simplify this process with the integrated Orion Platform Discovery Wizard tool, which can automatically discover a range of network devices and quickly add them to your monitoring database. Just use the dashboard to enable the critical nodes you want to monitor—through IP address range, subnets, SNMP, or WMI—then select the network devices you want to add to your inventory. 
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Automatically map network devices by using SNMP monitoring

Manually mapping network devices is often time-consuming, especially when you have to keep up with changing network topologies. With the SolarWinds network monitoring software in NPM, users can easily find devices on network and create dynamic network maps to visually track performance statistics. 
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Use Quality of Experience metrics to monitor and troubleshoot network devices

NPM is designed to help users keep an eye on their network devices by using Quality of Experience (QoE) metrics to provide real-time user experience performance levels. QoE utilizes packet analysis sensors to offer packet-level traffic information about key devices and applications. This enables you to drill down into specific nodes to view device details, including current node status, device information, average response time, packet loss, and more.
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Use network device discovery tools to obtain insights into hardware health

With NPM, you can obtain immediate insight into hardware issues on a network with the click of a button. NPM is built to monitor hardware health from various different vendors, including Cisco, Dell, F5, HP, Juniper devices, and more. By using hardware sensors, SolarWinds NPM can collect metrics on temperature, fan status, and power supply to see which devices are in healthy, warning, critical, or unknown states.
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Scan a range of network devices from a single dashboard

Finding specific network devices can be a challenge, but the Orion Platform Discovery Wizard in NPM is designed to make it easier using the network panel to scan devices by IP addresses, subnets, IP range. Users can also scan via Active Directory, so teams don’t have to manually aggregate every IP address on certain sections of the network. This can allow you to scan entire subnets in a matter of seconds. 
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Achieve fast, accurate network device discovery

Network Performance Monitor

  • Quickly discover your network devices and create inventory reports
  • Scan your network to create physical and logical relationships between devices
  • Generate and customize network maps to improve your network insights
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