Network Monitoring Alerts

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Get to the root cause more quickly with intelligent, topology-aware network alerts

Network alert software should help you focus on critical alerts that have high network impact.
Personalize your network alert system to avoid non-critical messages during off hours.
Each network notification includes the critical information you need for prompt troubleshooting.

Reduce the flood of unnecessary network alerts

With Network Performance Monitor (NPM), you can use or modify built-in default alerts, or set precise custom alerts according to your needs. For large networks, you can leverage intelligent alerting to help avoid an influx of unnecessary notifications. You can also create notifications that are dependency- and topology-aware so you only receive alerts that are truly critical. Using the NPM web-based network notification software, you can easily create alerts based on simple or complex nested trigger conditions, defined parent/child dependencies, and network topology. 
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Receive network alerts when it matters most

With SolarWinds network alert software, you can easily specify the time of day or the days of the week during which you will receive specific network alerts via email or text, or other means. You can further specify which admin receives a network notification and when—no more sending all alerts to the entire systems team, if it isn’t necessary. And don’t worry about missing critical alerts, you can also decide how the alert engine should escalate unacknowledged alerts using SolarWinds® NPM.
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Get the information you need to take action

Network monitoring alerts are only as useful as the information they provide—simply alerting you to a down node isn’t enough. With in-depth network alert software, NPM is designed so that you can configure notifications to provide the detailed information you need, including interface and node name, the date and time when the alert occurred, and the alert severity, helping you know exactly where to start troubleshooting your network. The intelligent alerting engine also allows you to flag certain conditions using dozens of custom actions, including sending an email, text, audio alerts, or executing an external program.
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Set alerts for significant changes

NPM network alert software offers preset alerts and allows admins to customize alerts across the system or for specific nodes. Issues that can trigger alerts include response time delays, high CPU or memory usage, device outages, and overloaded or crashed servers. Alerts can also be sent in response to status request failures, downtimes that exceed set thresholds, and failures of critical hardware like routers, switches, gateways, and proxies. NPM alerts are built to flag low server health, user activity, system changes, intrusion attempts, and the presence of malware.
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Never miss a critical issue with intelligent network alerting

Network Performance Monitor

  • Quickly view the information you need to start troubleshooting.
  • Gain dashboard visibility and robust alerting, helping you stay on top of network health.
  • Avoid alert fatigue by leveraging extensive customizable settings.

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NPM, an Orion module, is built on the SolarWinds Platform

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