Monitor Meraki wireless and SD-WAN with Hybrid Cloud Observability

Get the insights you need for Meraki devices with observability software

Comprehensive Meraki monitoring of wireless and SD-WAN

Get all the information you need in a single pane of glass and monitor both Meraki WLC ( wireless LAN controller ) and Meraki SD-WAN cloud orchestrator from the same tool.

Monitoring Meraki nodes as Wireless Controllers

  • You can display access point statuses polled via API.
  • Clients are polled for the entire network using one API request instead of multiple requests for each device.
  • The API request includes SSID information.

Easily and quickly discover and add SD-WAN devices to be monitored

  • Using a simple process you can add Meraki SD-WAN orchestrators and SD-WAN edge devices for monitoring.
  • With just a few clicks you can setup both wireless and SD-WAN polling to get all the required metrics.
  • Visualize your SD-WAN topology with an auto-generated map of physical and logical connections for the orchestrator and it's Edge devices

Monitor Meraki SD-WAN cloud orchestrator

  • Save time by using a simplified discovery process to see all child devices associated with a Meraki SD-WAN orchestrator.
  • These devices can easily be added in bulk for monitoring.
  • You can also monitor SD-WAN edge devices protected by Meraki Warm Spare to be highly available.
  • See a list of uplinks, showing status of individual uplinks, interface names, local and public IP Addresses.

Monitor Meraki SD-WAN edge devices

SD-WAN network monitoring can help you better ensure SD-WAN performance and more easily troubleshoot slowdowns or outages.

  • SolarWinds Hybrid Cloud Observability (HCO) SD-WAN network monitoring software is built to track Meraki cloud-managed edge devices and their corresponding details including device names, IP addresses, models, serial numbers and network IDs.
  • Stay on top of health and performance with charts to display performance and status of individual edge devices in time.
  • See VPN tunnels configured in the organizations networks.

Get alerted on key SD-WAN events

Improve operational efficiency with SD-WAN related out-of-the-box alerts including alerts for when:

  • An SD-WAN edge goes down
  • An SD-WAN orchestrator goes down
  • An SD-WAN VPN tunnel goes down
  • When SD-WAN Edge utilization exceeds 85%

Monitor Meraki wireless and SD-WAN with Hybrid Cloud Observability

Hybrid Cloud Observability

  • Infrastructure, network, and application performance observability

  • Physical and virtual hosts, SD-WAN, and device monitoring

  • Automated discovery and dependency mapping

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