Streamline IT Security Audits

Ensure secure access controls with an IT security audit

Help pinpoint insider risks by running an IT security audit

During a security audit, IT teams need quick visibility into details—which requires a unified security management console. SolarWinds® Access Rights Manager (ARM) IT security audit software is built to centralize user account management for faster incident response and risk assessment. In addition to demonstrating adherence to security policies, running built-in reports helps you identify and investigate privilege abuses, suspicious account activity, and other vulnerabilities.

Automate access management to help ensure data security

Automating user access controls can speed up IT operations and improve accuracy—protecting your organization against security threats caused by misconfigured permissions. SolarWinds IT audit software automates critical tasks within the user access management process. You can quickly create, modify, activate, deactivate, and delete user access to files and services. Users can request access rights directly from resource owners, instead of funneling permissions requests to the administrator.

Prevent data loss with the deep visibility offered by security audit software

ARM aims to proactively prevent data loss with role-specific templates, which aim to ensure user provisioning conforms to your security policies. Use a tree structure to easily visualize all user permissions to access files, services, and data. This intuitive tool lets you monitor privileged accounts and group memberships for Active Directory, Exchange, SharePoint, and more. And with customizable alerts, you can flag security risks with the potential to cause loss of sensitive files and data. 

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Access Rights Manager

  • Monitor access rights configuration and quickly change privileges when necessary.
  • Detect unusual activity from privileged accounts with data security monitoring.
  • Generate security audit reports for industry compliance with HIPAA, GPDR, PCI DSS, and more.
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