Remote Desktop Access to iOS Devices

Connect to end-user Mac and iOS devices from anywhere
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Access end-user iOS devices remotely

Designed to make the lives of working IT professionals significantly easier, SolarWinds® Dameware® Remote Everywhere (DRE) is a cloud-based remote support toolset with the ability to quickly and securely connect to Mac and iOS devices from your computer, tablet, or another device.

When connecting to an iOS mobile device, you can easily view the screen and send file transfers to and from the device.

Designed to be simple to install and easy to use, DRE also provides command-line functions, FTP uploads, multiple connection options, unattended support processes, and more, making it easier than ever to deliver crucial services to Apple devices across your computing environments.

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Ensure clear communication during remote connections with iOS devices

Mobile devices are critical for business purposes, and DRE is designed to allow technicians to more easily help users on mobile. When connecting with users on their iOS (or Android) device, technicians can use DRE chat tools to quickly engage and clearly engage with end users and put their minds at ease.
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Gain versatile and powerful cloud-based support tools

DRE allows you to establish connections from anywhere—across platforms, operating systems, and devices types. Technicians can use their mobile device or tablet to reach out to customers on workstations or use their computers to connect with customers on mobile devices.

The convenient and user-friendly web interface can allow technicians to quickly connect to end users, while in-session tools like video recording and screen capture can help speed problem resolution time, improving end-user experience.

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Choose a tool designed for business-grade security and performance

DRE is built to offer top-of-the-line security and functionality. Use DRE to create an iOS connection. To connect with iOS devices, the end user needs to install the mobile app DRE Support Applet. Technician logs in Windows or macOS DRE Console, generates secure PIN Code and provides it to the end user.

In addition, DRE Consoles comprehensive reporting functions make it simple to review iOS remote sessions performance by generating a session history report, which can include various chart and graph types for an at-a-glance understanding of team performance, details about individual and collective remote sessions, and feedback from end users.

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Control Mac computers remotely

Technicians can connect with users on their Mac computers and iOS mobile devices. When creating a remote support session with a Mac device, you can automatically see details about the device’s operating system, CPU, RAM, disk space, and more. You can also request admin privileges for in-depth control, send commands, and adjust your viewing options. As with an iOS connection, you can easily transfer files or chat with the end user.
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