GDPR Compliance Software

Easy-to-use GDPR compliance software analyzes access, automates user provisioning, and helps support demonstrating compliance

Analyze access to sensitive data

Knowing which users have access to what types of data is an important part of demonstrating GDPR compliance. Before relying on an outside agency to perform a costly GDPR compliance risk assessment, try SolarWinds® Access Rights Manager (ARM). 

ARM is built to identify and alert on accounts with insecure configurations, giving visibility into each account’s level of access across your organization. With this level of detail, you can pinpoint and mitigate insider risks and help demonstrate compliance with GDPR privacy requirements.

Automate AD account management

Securing accounts in Active Directory (AD) is a good first step in demonstrating compliance with GDPR data security. Unfortunately, it may not be easy to validate and manage Active Directory accounts to ensure they are all properly provisioned and deprovisioned. 

As an easy-to-use GDPR compliance aid, SolarWinds ARM is designed to help securely automate user account provisioning and deprovisioning. Our role-specific templates are also designed to enforce safe account configurations while streamlining account creation. In response to insider threats, the GDPR compliance software in ARM is built to automatically and quickly deprovision accounts.

Help support audits with detailed reporting

The GDPR data privacy requirements highlight the need for greater visibility into which users can access personal and sensitive data. With Access Rights Manager GDPR-readiness software, you’ll have a rich audit trail of user activity and access of enterprise assets for Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint permissions, and more. Generate on-demand reports that capture this activity and send them directly to auditors and other shareholders. This level of visibility can help show which GDPR security controls are working and which may need improvement. Unlike some GDPR tools, ARM is designed to simplify data privacy and security processes.

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Help demonstrate GDPR compliance

Access Rights Manager

  • Monitor and audit Active Directory, Exchange, SharePoint, and file server permissions
  • Quickly manage and provision user access
  • Generate custom management and audit reports
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