Windows File Server Auditing

Automate file audits for faster, more accurate access auditing

Proactive file server auditing and alerts

Proactive file audits, rather than reactive responses, can help reduce risk and save money. As lightweight Windows file auditing software, SolarWinds ARM assesses file and folder permissions and user account configurations to proactively help identify potential data risks. Shared folder audit software like ARM can simplify security assessments by providing accurate insights into the specific files and folders across an organization. Identifying insecure account configurations before an audit or incident can help strengthen security and speed compliance.

Rapid threat assessment and response

Unusual user access and activity can signal the first stages of a data breach, ransomware attack, or malware outbreak. For example, an attacker may target an account to access all its shared files and folders before encrypting them for ransom. By responding quickly to file server activity, IT can contain the threat and better protect critical data. The SolarWinds® Access Rights Manager (ARM) file server audit tool is designed to alert you whenever an account with insecure configurations is created— and provide a full audit trail of all permissions and changes on shared files and folders.

Automated, custom audit-ready reports

Some file server auditing tools may not give you the details you need on user access or file or folder permissions. Plus, each auditor may have different requirements for what they expect to see concerning compliance. Access Rights Manager is built to deliver flexible, customized reports showing who has access to what files or folders and when they accessed them. Plus, you can schedule these reports to be automatically sent directly to your auditor. With automated account deprovisioning, you can quickly mitigate threats to your data or compliance status.

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