Exchange Auditing Software

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Lightweight Exchange software auditing powers incident response and helps simplify audits with automated reporting

Documenting OWA user access to personal and sensitive data in Exchange mailboxes helps support audits.
Analyze user access to personal and sensitive data within MS Exchange (across your Active Diretory infrastructure).
Enable audit process tracking with confidence. Exchange audit logs power investigations.

Automated Exchange audit reporting

Auditing Exchange can be a critical part of an organization’s security and compliance program. Unfortunately, determining whether mailbox permissions are appropriate is not always easily done within Exchange Server. SolarWinds Access Rights Manager (ARM) is built to help simplify Exchange Server auditing by delivering automated custom reporting. Access to details on Exchange user access management can help internal auditors quickly verify compliance with GDPR, HIPAA, PCI DSS, and other regulations. Our self-service permissions portal enables secure delegation to data owners, helping support accountability.

Assess Exchange Server account permissions

Securing accounts in Exchange is an important first step to achieving compliance and reducing risk. Unfortunately, it’s not easy to validate MS Exchange accounts using the native features in Exchange Server. SolarWinds ARM is designed to install quickly, scale easily, and provide visibility into Exchange Server management to monitor access and activity. Additionally, ARM alerts you if accounts are configured insecurely, and enables automated deprovisioning in cases of insider threats. Help simplify Exchange audits and reduce risk with ARM.

Audit Exchange data for incident response

Enabling audit logging on a busy Exchange Server may cause some concerns about performance. That said, these concerns should not outweigh the needs of the incident response team. Access Rights Manager frees you to enable audit process tracking with confidence. ARM Exchange auditing software delivers detailed audit reports to help support breach investigations and compliance audits. Incident responders can build accurate timelines with our change auditor for Exchange and on-demand reports. With ARM, there’s no need to compromise security for performance.

Exchange Auditing & Reporting Software for Security and Compliance

Access Rights Manager

  • Monitor and audit Active Directory, Exchange, SharePoint, and file server permissions
  • Quickly manage and provision user access
  • Generate custom management and Exchange audit reports

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