Enterprise Access Management Solution

Achieve the goals of enterprise rights management quickly and easily for improved security and compliance

Analyze user identities and access

If done right, enterprise access management can protect your most valuable assets: user credentials and sensitive data. However, it’s not often easy to implement these solutions, which can be overly complex and cumbersome. SolarWinds® Access Rights Manager (ARM) is designed to simplify enterprise access management solutions by highlighting the most critical aspects of user access and delivering detailed reporting on this access. ARM is built to allow you to quickly investigate and respond to security incidents and proactively address insecure account configurations.

Accelerated EAM initiatives save money

Enterprise access management projects are a central part of a security program, yet they incur a significant overhead. By streamlining enterprise access management, SolarWinds ARM is built to save time and money and reduce risk. With automated account provisioning and deprovisioning, you can easily satisfy SLAs and safeguard user credentials at the same time. Our self-service permissions portal enables safe delegation to data owners, which also saves time and effort by eliminating overhead and enforcing good data security.

Detect credential misuse and respond

Without insight into user credentials and how they’re used (and abused), it’s challenging to ensure data is effectively protected, and a security policy is enforced. SolarWinds Access Rights Manager’s enterprise access management solution immediately alerts you when accounts are misconfigured, or unauthorized activity occurs, so you can respond with precision. This visibility enables you to validate security policy enforcement and investigate privilege abuses. Plus, our web-based, self-service permissions portal enables safe delegation of enterprise rights management to the data owner for better accountability.

Fast and easy compliance reporting

Audit activities drive most enterprise access management projects, and compliance reports are central to these efforts. With Access Rights Manager, you can generate customized reports demonstrating your efforts in enterprise access management. Schedule detailed user activity reports and send them directly to your auditor to satisfy GDPR, PCI, HIPAA, and other compliance requirements. In just a few clicks, you can generate the evidence necessary to show auditors you’re doing your due diligence in enterprise access management.

Monitor enterprise access

Access Rights Manager

  • Monitor and audit Active Directory, Exchange, SharePoint, and file server permissions
  • Quickly manage and provision user access
  • Generate custom management and audit reports

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