Cybersecurity Risk Management and Assessment Tool

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Simple IT risk assessment software helps enforce cybersecurity policy with automated secure account provisioning

By simplifying cybersecurity risk management, you can scale to meet many security and compliance mandates.
Proactively detect data risks based on insecure account configurations and unauthorized access.
Quickly standardize Active Directory (AD) principle of least privilege with role-specific templates.

Easily scale cybersecurity risk assessment programs

With so many constantly evolving compliance drivers, like GDPR, PCI DSS, and HIPAA regulations, scaling to meet IT risk and security assessment requirements can feel impossible. As a lightweight cybersecurity risk assessment tool, SolarWinds® Access Rights Manager (ARM) is built to enable scalability by providing a central place for IT compliance management and to assess your greatest security risks: user authorizations and access permissions to sensitive data. ARM generates custom cybersecurity risk management reports on user access to sensitive data and alerts you if accounts are created with insecure configurations.

Analyze and audit AD user access

Detecting IT risks before they’re exploited is the most effective way to protect data. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to discover which user accounts may present insider risks, or what level access they have to sensitive data. With SolarWinds ARM, you can easily review user provisioning and permissions to servers, files, and folders across your AD infrastructure. With this level of granularity, you can address IT risk exposures quickly by automatically deprovisioning access, requiring two-factor authentication, or enabling secure rights delegation.

Automate secure account management

Credentials can be some of the most valued assets of an organization, and, as a result, a constant target for cyberattackers. IT risk management solutions could benefit from prioritizing credential protection through secure account provisioning (and deprovisioning). The challenge is how to scale account operations securely. By automating account provisioning and deprovisioning, ARM helps organizations enforce strong security policy and secure account management. Our role-specific templates drive secure account creation (and deletion) by enforcing the principle of least privilege.

Run cybersecurity assessment reports for compliance

Accurate, detailed, on-demand reporting is essential for strong cybersecurity risk management. After all, what can’t be measured can’t be secured. Access Rights Manager delivers on-demand, custom reports outlining which users accessed which assets and when. By centralizing audit trails across Active Directory, ARM helps facilitate internal and external IT security audits, supports incident response, and helps you establish cybersecurity risk assessment report baselines. Whether it’s for GDPR, PCI DSS, HIPAA, or IT SOX compliance, ARM can help you with detailed reporting.

Cybersecurity risk management software to help you ensure compliance

Access Rights Manager

  • Active Directory, Exchange, SharePoint, and file server monitoring and management
  • Customizable automated compliance report generation
  • User permissions analysis and provisioning

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