Cisco Network Device Monitoring Software

Monitor and analyze fault, availability, and performance of Cisco devices
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Automatically discover and identify Cisco network devices

Keeping track of the devices in your network is crucial. SolarWinds® Network Performance Monitor (NPM) simplifies device discovery by eliminating the need to use arcane CLI commands to discover and identify the Cisco devices on your network.

With NPM’s Cisco device monitoring features, you can automatically discover and monitor Cisco devices. Use the intuitive SolarWinds NPM dashboard to enable any critical nodes you would like to monitor, then add the relevant Cisco devices to your inventory.

Have equipment from multiple vendors? No need to worry. The Orion® Platform Discovery Wizard tool can discover a broad range of devices. With NPM’s network monitoring tools, you can monitor the health and performance of any SNMP-enabled device.

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Dynamically map Cisco network devices and performance

Manually mapping your network devices can be time-consuming and frustrating, particularly when trying to keep up with changing topologies—and the bigger and more dynamic the network is, the more difficult it becomes to maintain an up-to-date network topology map. With device monitoring features, you can easily create dynamic custom network topology maps that display device performance metrics, connectivity, and link utilization. This means you can visualize the performance of your entire network at a glance, making tracking performance metrics a breeze.

Network monitoring software’s mapping features let you visualize and aggregate data in a highly intuitive way, so you can rapidly identify the root cause of problems—even in complex networks.

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Visualize performance and availability across your entire network

SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor makes Cisco network device monitoring easy with fully customizable dashboards and charts that allow you to view the performance and availability of your Cisco devices at a glance.

To monitor Cisco devices in your network, NPM polls the MIBS on your devices and obtains critical performance metrics. NPM then displays this information in user-friendly dashboards you can tailor to suit your preferences. This tool can help you ensure the performance and availability of your Cisco ASA firewalls.

This powerful Cisco device monitoring software feature can be presented on the PerfStack dashboard, which allows you to compare disparate data types, correlate your data on a common timeline, and share data across teams.

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Monitor multiple Cisco device types, including advanced network devices

SolarWinds NPM offers comprehensive Cisco device monitoring, so you can integrate your approach to Cisco network monitoring into a single tool. NPM provides support for Cisco devices including ACI devices like spine switches and Nexus leaf.

This tool allows you to view the overall health of your Cisco SwitchStack members, rapidly locate switches with problems, and monitor member data connections. You can also monitor Nexus device performance and Cisco ASA firewalls, affording you in-depth visibility into the ASA infrastructure, so you can safeguard service availability. 

With NPM’s automatic Cisco device discovery feature, identifying, mapping, and monitoring all your network’s Cisco components couldn’t be easier. 

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Receive network alerts and troubleshoot issues

SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor includes a broad range of network troubleshooting features that integrate your Cisco devices and other network components into a single-page path analysis. This simplifies troubleshooting, which enables you to identify the root cause of issues faster.

From NPM’s central control dashboard, you can monitor performance, device configuration details, and traffic, consolidating your troubleshooting and analysis activities.

To minimize the number of unnecessary alerts you receive, NPM also features topology-aware, intelligent network alerting capabilities. You can personalize your alerts system, so you don’t receive non-critical notifications during your off hours.

With Network Performance Monitor’s sophisticated troubleshooting features and intelligent alerts, you can stay in the loop and resolve issues quickly—without the noise.

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Easily monitor Cisco devices

Network Performance Monitor

  • Comprehensive fault monitoring and performance management for your network.
  • Get to the root cause quicker with intelligent, dependency- and topology-aware network alerts.
  • Monitor multiple Cisco device types, including ASA firewalls, SwitchStack, and Nexus.
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