Improve Risk Assessment and Assure Compliance with Automated Audit Management Software

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Easy-to-use audit management software helps simplify compliance audits and proactively supports incident response

Centralize risk assessment across Active Directory (AD) resources—designed to help make demonstrating compliance fast and easy.
Instantly detect data risks by flagging insecure accounts and misconfigured credentials.
A unified view of AD permissions helps to actively track changes and helps ensure adherence to security policy.
Monitor MS Exchange with detailed drill-down reports to help detect suspicious user account access and activity.

Demonstrate industry-specific compliance quickly and easily

When users access data from multiple apps and devices, validating the compliance status is far from trivial. Unlike traditional audit management software, SolarWinds® Access Rights Manager (ARM) is designed to simplify compliance by providing a unified platform for seamless authentication, authorization, and accounting. Control access to systems, data, and files from a single window. SolarWinds ARM’s audit management software supports real-time reporting and audit checklists to help verify compliance with HIPAAGDPRPCI DSS, and other standards. Be prepared for questions your auditor may ask you, without relying on spreadsheets or outdated databases.

Automate audit analysis across files, folders, and servers

Identifying and rectifying insecure account configurations—before an audit—can help establish your credibility with the auditor. As a lightweight audit management system, SolarWinds Access Rights Manager is built to help provide instant visibility into the management of Active Directory accounts, Azure AD provisioning, levels of access, and activity. With ARM’s audit management software, you’ll know exactly which users access what resources and have a rich audit trail to share with auditors. Plus, our role-specific templates help enable secure and automatic Azure AD and AD user provisioning, deprovisioning, and rights delegation.

Manage Active Directory user and group permissions in real time

SolarWinds Access Rights Manager is built to simplify and accelerate IT audits and provide customized reports to facilitate visibility into Azure AD and Active Directory permissions. Industry regulations like PCI DSS, HIPAA, and others require detailed monitoring to ensure user authentication and authorization is securely implemented. SolarWinds ARM helps you automatically create and modify AD accounts through user-specific templates to securely delegate permissions. Through SolarWinds ARM’s rich visualization capabilities and detailed Active Directory audits and reports, you can smoothly monitor changes made to the AD server to easily identify anomalies.

Gain deeper visibility into MS Exchange access and activities

SolarWinds Access Rights Manager is designed to simplify Exchange Server audit management to ensure data security and compliance. With detailed reports, ARM provides clarity into user access management. SolarWinds ARM can enable you to easily track account access changes and user activity to proactively identify security threats. Access Rights Manager can also help you quickly detect insecure account configurations through intelligent alerts, as well as secure sensitive business data by enabling active incident response. Standardized audit-ready reports help you accelerate security audits and ensure conformity to industry regulations.

Proactively monitor Windows file servers to prevent data leaks

SolarWinds Access Rights Manager helps you in continuous monitoring of Windows file servers to detect suspicious user access and activity that can lead to a potential data breach. SolarWinds ARM can help you streamline security Windows file servers audit management across shared files and folders by providing a complete audit trail to track the changes. With ARM you can get instant alerts whenever an account is detected with insecure configurations. With fast cybersecurity risk assessment, Access Rights Manager helps prevent malicious attacks and data loss. ARM’s detailed audit reports easily demonstrate compliance and speed up audits.

Accelerate SharePoint access monitoring and auditing

SolarWinds Access Rights Manager is designed to reduce effort, enforce security, and expedite audits. With ARM you can gain deep visibility into SharePoint permissions to verify policy implementation. Role-specific templates help validate secure delegation of access rights and permission changes, and ARM’s web-based self-service permissions portal helps to securely manage SharePoint access rights by empowering data owners. With customizable SharePoint audit-ready reports, ARM can fast track your audit management process and helps to readily demonstrate compliance for industry-specific regulations like PCI DSS, HIPAA, and many more.

Control compliance violations with faster incident response

SolarWinds Access Rights Manager is designed to proactively detect unauthorized access, suspicious activity, and unsecured configurations before these incidents escalate. With SolarWinds ARM’s real-time alerts and reports, you can add agility to your incident response management, control security breaches, and avoid regulatory violations. When a user account is detected in an unsecured configuration, you can automatically revoke access permissions to protect your sensitive data. Access Rights Manager can help facilitate end-to-end audit management from secured account authorization to audit-ready reports generation.

Run custom reports to support audits and investigations

Rapid responses to security compliance risks are key to successful internal audit programs. Unlike most audit management software, Access Rights Manager offers real-time reports and alerts on user access and activity. Schedule custom Active Directory reports, as well as other report types, to be automatically generated and sent directly to auditors and other stakeholders with ARM audit management software. Our self-service permissions portal also enables secure rights delegation to data owners and helps in maintaining a chain of custody for your important data resources.

Reduce risks and facilitate compliance with automated audit management software

Access Rights Manager

  • Monitor and audit Active Directory, Exchange, SharePoint, and file server permissions.
  • Quickly manage and provision user access.
  • Generate custom management and audit reports.

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