Hybrid application stack observability with AppStack

Accelerate issue resolution with integrated application monitoring insights

Modernize IT agility with AppStack

Gain productivity and agility by utilizing SolarWinds® AppStack™. The consolidated dashboard highlights performance metrics across the entire application stack, including relationships between various elements inside your environment.

Full-stack Observability insights

Integrated data sets from multi-vendor infrastructure under the control of a single unified dashboard help ensure proper service levels and realize rapid time to value.

Pinpoint the root cause of application issues

Accelerate issue resolution by leveraging the AppStack dashboard. Quickly pinpoint the root cause of issues between physical or virtual server environments and display the status of connected applications and infrastructure.

Monitor all hybrid cloud applications

Observe critical metrics with end-to-end visibility regardless of where applications reside, whether on-premises or in hybrid cloud environments.
“Having all of our monitoring for servers and applications in one place allows us to save time and spend more time designing and engineering new technology and improvements for our business.”

Matthew Plourde

Network and Systems Engineer

King County Library System

Comprehensive full-stack Observability across your environment with AppStack

Hybrid Cloud Observability

  • Infrastructure, network, and application performance observability

  • Physical and virtual hosts, SD-WAN, and device monitoring

  • Automated discovery and dependency mapping

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