Active Directory Permissions Reporting Tool

Generate Active Directory (AD) permissions reports for security and to demonstrate compliance

Run Active Directory user permissions reports for compliance audits

When managers and auditors come knocking, IT teams must be prepared with lists of all group and user file share permissions. Without AD reporting tools, meeting these requests can be a time-consuming and stressful process. IT teams can use the ARM Active Directory security group permissions reporting tool to gather permissions data from across their systems with its integrated scripting features.

With audit-ready Active Directory access control permissions reports, IT teams can use SolarWinds ARM to easily show internal and external parties who has access to what and when they accessed it. With the ability to generate, customize, and automate reports as needed, you won’t have to waste time looking at old audit logs or try to make sense of outdated spreadsheets. 

Improve AD permissions analysis

SolarWinds® Access Rights Manager (ARM) serves as a robust Active Directory group permissions reporting tool by giving IT teams a critical overview of user settings and activity. With both automated and on demand reporting, ARM is built to offer admins better visibility into what resources individual users and groups can access. Gone are the days of struggling to understand why a specific user or group is able to access to certain files or folders. 

With Active Directory user permission reporting, IT teams can compare the rights of a given employee to the role they fill in the organization. With these improved insights, IT teams can more easily identify the logic behind user permissions to improve how they enforce their AD policy. This can also allow you to better identify cybersecurity risks and maintain control over network resources. 

Detect credential misuse and help avoid potential threats

A common best practice for network security is to strictly enforce privileged accounts. To determine which users have privileged access, IT teams need to be able to run comprehensive Active Directory user permissions reports. 

With SolarWinds Active Directory group permissions reports, you can identify who has access to which resources in the AD domain and use these insights to understand how and why user permissions were delegated. You can also view past user access activity, including what was modified and when. This can help prevent credential misuse and keep sensitive parts of a network isolated from users with limited access. 

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Access Rights Manager

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