Active Directory Management Tool

Simplify provisioning, navigate threats, and demonstrate compliance

Use AD management software to quickly analyze user access to data and improve regulatory compliance

Compliance requirements driven by GDPR, PCI, and HIPAA require detailed user access monitoring, particularly for those with access to sensitive data.

SolarWinds® Access Rights Manager (ARM) is designed to deliver customized Active Directory reports—showing who has access to what and when they accessed this data. You can set up automated report scheduling and delivery directly to your auditor to help speed up audits and assessments. You can also drill down on user access using the comprehensive Active Directory (AD) management tool in SolarWinds ARM. 

Harness the power of Active Directory management software to automate AD provisioning processes

Automating IT operations poses numerous benefits for enterprises—from saving money to reducing risk. User provisioning and de-provisioning is designed to be done in seconds using the Active Directory and Azure AD management software in ARM. Role-specific templates can help assure conformity to security policies by delegating access privileges and enforcing the principle of least privilege. In addition, ARM is built to reduce IT workloads by securely delegating AD permission management to data owners.

Protect against data loss and cybersecurity breaches by monitoring Active Directory users

Credential theft and misuse is one of the most common tactics used by cyberattackers. In its capacity as an AD management tool, SolarWinds Access Rights Manager can identify and isolate user accounts with insecure configurations, which helps protect your enterprise against credential theft and unauthorized user access. Need to give threat records to your auditor? ARM can provide a full audit trail of all permissions and access level changes, so you can more easily build timelines to support cybersecurity investigations.

Streamline and optimize management tasks by automating regulatory AD compliance reports

The faster you answer an auditor’s questions, the easier the audit can be. With ARM, you can quickly deliver comprehensive access reports directly to your auditor. ARM’s Active Directory management software can log the identities of anyone who has made changes to AD, file servers, SharePoint permissions, and Microsoft Exchange. With audit-ready reports built to help show who has access to what and when they accessed it, ARM helps your auditor get the answers they need faster than before.

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Access Rights Manager

  • Unlock comprehensive monitoring for AD, Exchange, SharePoint, and file server permissions.
  • Use an AD management tool to quickly manage and provision user access.
  • Effectively prepare for audits using AD management software that can generate custom audit reports.

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