Active Directory Group Management Tool

Policies and permissions made easy with Active Directory group management tool

Easily manage and audit Active Directory groups

Using Access Rights Manager (ARM), network administrators can organize devices and users into manageable groups, allowing them to add, remove, or update permissions for large numbers of users and devices across domains with ease. Standardized role-specific templates provide access to file servers, making new user creation a speedy process. The custom report generation features allow for the quick creation of a variety of AD reports, from simpler reports for management to more technical and detailed reports appropriate for auditors

Accelerated EAM initiatives save money

Because Active Directory is the gateway through which users, customers, devices, and other entities receive authentication and permissions, it can be a prime target for cybercriminals. Access Rights Manager allows admins to update and push security policies and permissions to Active Directory nested groups, protected groups, and privileged groups in seconds—helping to ensure that your organization stays compliant with security best practices. Reporting functions can help fend off internal security threats by analyzing unusual user access activity around services and file servers.

Access Active Directory group management tools via the web

With Access Rights Manager, assigning permissions and tracking data across the network can be a near-effortless experience for system admins. ARM can reduce the IT workload by delegating permission management directly to data owners. The convenient web-based, self-service permissions portal puts data access rights in the hands of the data owners, freeing up administrators to devote more time and energy to keeping the network running optimally. The self-service portal includes options to define data categories across the organization as well as to assign parts of AD permissions management to individual data owners.

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Access Rights Manager

  • Easily manage and audit group activity across your network.
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  • Maintain greater control over user credentials.

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