Active Directory Delegation

Simplify Active Directory delegation while supporting compliance requirements

Manage user permissions through Active Directory delegation

By leveraging SolarWinds® Access Rights Manager (ARM) role-specific templates, you can comply with internal security policies by delegating access privileges and enforcing the principle of least privilege. Doing so helps ensure users are granted the minimum level of access they need to perform their day-to-day responsibilities and can help limit the impact of viruses or malware. All you need to do is define data categories and ARM will automatically take care of the delegation, provisioning, and deprovisioning of user access rights as needed. 

Leverage Active Directory delegation to reduce IT workloads

IT professionals don’t need to be the only ones in charge of group management. Often it’s more efficient to empower the managers and directors within each department who already oversee their data to also manage who has permission to access it. Access Rights Manager features a web-based, self-service permissions portal that delegates Active Directory rights management to data owners. This enhances productivity by putting access rights directly into the hands of data owners instead of administrators, reducing an organization’s IT workload, is designed to help you accelerate your ability to demonstrate compliance standards, and support your incident response processes.

Use Active Directory delegation tools to demonstrate compliance requirements

Auditors assessing HIPAA or PCI DSS compliance look for signs that an organization’s user management policies are being actively monitored and enforced. Access Rights Manager comes equipped with intuitive risk assessment dashboards and customizable reports that display who has been delegated what Active Directory permissions, making it easy to demonstrate compliance with these regulatory requirements. ARM even lets you schedule reports for automatic transmission directly to your auditor or produce a report on demand when you need to fulfill a request from management.

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Optimize your Active Directory delegation

Access Rights Manager

  • Automate user provisioning and deprovisioning to meet scalability demands
  • Generate auditor-ready compliance reports typically in minutes
  • Empower data owners to manage user permissions
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