Auditing Software for Active Directory

Help ensure security and demonstrate compliance with AD auditing software

Track Active Directory changes in real time

Monitoring Active Directory (AD) servers can be especially challenging and time-consuming in large organizations with many users, computers, and shared resources. While PowerShell can help monitor user and group permissions from the AD server, large organizations need special tools for the purpose. SolarWinds Access Rights Manager (ARM) is designed to help you actively monitor and track any changes made to Active Directory and group policies. With SolarWinds ARM, administrators can improve their security posture with visibility into AD changes and a record of who made those changes and when. This is crucial for thwarting insider threats.

Monitor group memberships and access rights

Unlike other AD auditing and reporting tools, SolarWinds ARM makes it simple to visualize your AD environment. The AD audit tool can help you monitor group memberships and access rights to file servers. With a snapshot view of current user access to services and file servers, you can stop potential insider threats more quickly.

SolarWinds ARM’s risk assessment dashboard helps you monitor low, medium, and high severity risks. The dashboard can provide information about insecure configurations — such as never expiring passwords, direct access, changed access rights, and more. This improved visibility can be crucial in post-breach investigations and reporting.

Keep track of logged-out and deactivated users

SolarWinds ARM reduces IT workloads by automating AD user account provisioning and deprovisioning. This saves you from the hassle of logging onto the AD server and creating users, manually, using native tools. You also get greater control and flexibility as compared to other Active Directory permissions audit tools. SolarWinds ARM’s Active Directory auditing tool provides role-specific templates to create, modify, or delete user accounts, and can automatically control permissions for accessing or changing any data, files, and folders. These templates expedite account provisioning by letting you set up new user accounts within a few clicks.

Automate audit analysis for risk assessment

The easy to use Active Directory auditing tool built into ARM provides deeper visibility across AD user accounts, access levels, and activities. ARM is built to help you proactively identify security gaps in your Active Directory environment and remediate issues quickly to avoid further escalation. ARM provides insights about possible security threats—such as user accounts with insecure configurations or repeated unauthorized access attempts—before they might be exploited by attackers. ARM also provides a complete audit trail to help you easily and quickly detect malicious activity.

Validate compliance with out-of-the-box reports

During an investigation, auditors often require clear and concise reports; organizations must be prepared to quickly provide data related to user account management. Such Active Directory reporting can be cumbersome without an integrated compliance reporting tool. ARM includes out-of-the-box and audit-ready reports to support HIPAA, GDPR, PCI DSS, and other industry-specific regulatory standards. Access Rights Manager provides a unified view of user accounts and permissions to Active Directory resources and can help simplify and expedite compliance management and demonstration.

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